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НПО "Тепломаш" КЭВ-110П6150W


water, 60.5 kW (220V), 4900 m3/h, horizontal mounting

Main (НПО "Тепломаш" КЭВ-110П6150W)
The type of thermal curtains water
Power 60.5 kW
Voltage 220V
Performance (air flow) 4 900 m3/h
Installation horizontal
Max. the height of the doorway 3.5 m
Features (НПО "Тепломаш" КЭВ-110П6150W)
Power consumption of the engines 400 W
Heated air 45 °C
The number of heating modes 3
The thermostat
Ventilation mode (without heating)
Air speed 7.7 m/s
Noise 51 dB
Remote control wired remote
The speed control air
Control air direction
Dimensions (НПО "Тепломаш" КЭВ-110П6150W)
Height 92 sm
Width 205.5 sm
Depth 34 sm
Weight 116 kg
The effective length of the jet 3 m
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